Strong M4-Class Solar Flare blasts Earth-Directed CME | March 28, 2022

Earth facing active region (AR) 2975 expanded on Sunday in both size and magnetic complexity. Just released a strong M4 Class Solar Flare at 11:29 UTX March 28. The noteworthy flare does have a sizable mass exciting the solar corona and a large Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) should be visible in solar imagery in the coming hours. The likely CME will have an earth-directed component due to the location of the sunspot region with respect to the Earth and therefore we should have a strong Geomagnetic storm sometime on March 31st with auroras expected to mid to high latitudes.

Magnetic complexity has shown rapid growth over the last 24 hours so much so that magnetic field lines have become unstable with today’s sudden flare event with a large ejecta being seen coming out from the eruption side today.

more information will be added once more data has been analyzed.

This time from was highlighted in the March newsletter and provided an X-Flare warning the end of the month stretching into April, so this maybe the start of significant solar activity. Template image of the forecast will be added below. These newsletters are provided for download months in advance on the Website: Link Bellow


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