Major X1.3 Solar Flare & Earth-Directed CME | March 30, 2022

A Major X-Class Solar Flare were unleashed off the solar corona from Active Region 2975 on March 30th. The Blast peaked to X1.3 at 17:37 UTC ripped off the solar surface. The eruption took place while in an earth-facing position so the incoming (CME) Coronal Mass Ejection will be headed to the earth in 2-3 days where very strong geomagnetic storms could be possible.

A large Halo Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is now visible on the Soho Satellite and does have an earth-directed component which should provide significant geomagnetic storming sometime April 2-3 where strong Aurora should be visible at mid to high latitudes. This X-Flare was predicted months in advance and made a warning in the March global website newsletter.

This rare event was accurately predicted months in advance via monthly Global Newsletters Forecasts made available to the public and away from youtube due to excessive plagiarism and theft of this critical work and research, a Snippet Below.

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