Long Duration M1.1 Solar Flare With Earth-Directed CME | Jan 29, 2022

A long duration flare measuring M1.1 was reported around Active Region 2936 at 23:29 UTC (Jan 29). A minor (R1) level radio blackout affected the Pacific Ocean region of Earth. This Active Region continues to expand and grow rapidly therefore more flares are expected from this region in the coming days that can produce Earth-Facing Coronal Mass Ejections and Geomagnetic storms in the days ahead.

X-Ray background continues to rise as the magnetic field around this Active Region expands, Several Delta Spots are in dangerous positions and are expected to interact with each other in the coming days that should produce large flares. AR2936 is now moving into an Earth-Facing position so any eruptive events could send CMEs Earth bound.

New sunspot AR2936 has rapidly grown into one of the largest active regions of young Solar Cycle 25, quadrupling in size in only 48 hours.

A (CME) following the long duration M1.1 flare from Active Region 2936 is expected to reach Earth sometime on February 2nd. A possible (G2) geomagnetic with aurora sky watching at middle to high latitudes. The bulk of the blast seems to be pointing more northward so it might only be a short lasting storm.

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