TWIN Major X1.3 Solar Flares | May 5, 2024

Active Region 13663 continues to be highly active and produced another two impulsive X-Class Solar Flares. Both of todays blast peaked to X1.3 at 06:01 UTC and at 11:54 UTC May 5th. A type II radio emission with an estimated velocity of 930 km/s was recorded. X-Ray background continues to rise and more large flares are possible. This active region is moving through an earth-facing position and we should get several brief Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) impacts in the coming days, which will mean the potential for geomagnetic storming at high to medium latitudes sometime on May 7 and 8. The main bulk of the CMEs ejected off the solar corona from these solar flares are all aimed northward and might be above the Earth and miss any significant impacts.



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