Strong Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake Strikes OFFSHORE ATACAMA, CHILE | Oct 31, 2023

A very strong Earthquake has struck just Offshore Chile registered to Magnitude 6.7 via EMSC and USGS reporting agencies. The quake depth was at 35km and was felt strongly just 129 km NNW of La Serena, Chile. No damage reports are reported as yet but this earthquake comes close to a time of the Jupiter-Earth Opposition which was has been a factor with many past major earthquakes across Chile. With the Magnitude 8.8 Bio Bio Chile earthquake in 2010 being a prime example of planetary alignment symmetry and earthquakes.

There could be more stronger quakes for South America, specifically Chile and or Argentina have had very large destructive earthquakes with planetary geometry and planetary alignments that will come into play in November and December 2023. More information in the November and December SolarWatcher.Net Website Global Forecasting Newsletter. Link Below:

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