Strong Magnitude 6.6 Earthquake Strikes South Of Fiji | April 18, 2023

A Strong Earthquake registered Magnitude 6.6 South Of Fiji has just been registered at a depth of 564km. Strong deep earthquakes in this hot-spot location does have a migratory impulse heading north-east into the Solomon Trench and Papua New Guinea therefore we can expect a follow up migration of energy heading into that location in the next 1-4 days of similar magnitude.

Magnitude Mw 6.6
Date time 2023-04-18 04:31:42.6 UTC
Location 22.37 S ; 179.42 E
Depth 564 km

Todays Earthquake has taken place just 37 hours before the important Moon-Jupiter Conjunction which has a history of large earthquakes within 44 hours and has a direct influence over the South Pacific Ocean as Jupiters gravity well has a resonance aspect directly tied into the Pacific Plate. More information can be found at SolarWatcher.Net

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