Planetary Alignment / Earthquake Watch Oct 26, 2012

Two key alignments on this day (Earth-Sun-Saturn), (Mars-Earth-Jupiter) as well as other significant astrological aspects involving the Moon which may represent a possible 7.2 Magnitude earthquake on this day..

Lunar modulation indicates that Western Asia best fit the profile that could receive this event. Best mapped location:

Western Xizang, China

This is my own analysis using Heliocentric Imagery, geocentric portrait and harmonic translations to predict possible effects here on earth. i am using astrology in this forecast in-conjunction with lunar modulations.

7.7� ��� 2012/10/28 03:04:11 ��� � 52.769 ��� �-131.927 ��� 17.5 ��� �QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION

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