Planetary Alignment / Earthquake Watch May 25-26, 2013

Two very strong Planetary Alignments (Pluto-Sun-Venus), supported by (Jupiter-Mercury–Earth-Moon) fall during this time-frame with strong Lunar astrological aspects and the Lunar Perigee (SuperMoon) indicate a potential for a 7.2 Magnitude earthquake on either one of these forecasted days.

Strong Lunar Modulation indicates two areas in the southern hemisphere may receive this earthquake,
Southern Peru or the North Island Of New Zealand.

M 8.3� 2013/05/24�������� SEA OF OKHOTSK
M 7.4� 2013/05/23�������� SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
M 6.8� 2013/05/24����� �� SEA OF OKHOTSK
M 6.3� 2013/05/23�������� TONGA

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