New Madrid Earthquake Watch 2025 (Eclipse Symmetry)

This is the 13th video in the series that reveals the direct correlative relationship between major earthquakes, significant volcanic eruptions with the solar eclipse.

The Total Solar Eclipse of April 2024, the direct correlation of a significant ‘Great Comet’ and hyper symmetric planetary geometry suggests a likelihood for a significant earthquake along the New Madrid Fault in 2025 using a celestial symmetric fingerprinting and Solar Eclipse matching that ties back into 1811, 1843 and 1895 earthquake events in the same region. There is a strong correlation that links the 1843 Arkansas Earthquake into March 2025 and a stronger reflection from 1895 Charleston earthquake that has a harmonic echo in June 2025. More information is contained in the video and more in formation available on the official websites, links are below, accept no imitation!

Solar Eclipse/Earthquake Symmetry Playlist

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