MAJOR M8.7 Solar Flare | October 2nd, 2022

Two strong M-Class Solar Flares were unleashed off the solar corona from Active Region 13110 on October 2nd. The First was an M5.7 Blast then at 02:21 a much larger M8.7 Solar Flare ripped off the solar surface. Both eruptions took place while in an earth-facing position so the incoming (CME’s) Coronal Mass Ejections will be headed to the earth in 2-3 days where very strong geomagnetic storms could be possible. Two large Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) are now visible on the Soho Satellite and does look to have an earth-directed component which should provide significant geomagnetic storming sometime Oct 4-5 where Aurora should be visible at mid to high latitudes.

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