Three consecutive Solar Eclipses have strong signatures focused across the Italy Mainland from 2026 through to 2028 indicate very strong seismic activity and potentially a Volcanic Eruption foreshadow to come. This video explores past Italian destructive earthquakes and their correlative solar eclipse nodal terminations and how these past events link into the upcoming solar eclipses. This is the 12 video in the series that reveals the direct correlative relationship between major earthquakes, significant volcanic eruptions with the solar eclipse.

Earthquake forecast suggests a likelihood for a very large Magnitude 7 earthquake for Southern Italy in 2029-2030 and a Mt.Vesuvius possible volcanic activation sometime between 2029-2031 using a hyper symmetric fingerprint that ties back into the 1901 and 1905 solar eclipses that were the precursors for two of the largest earthquakes in Italian history. The 1905 Calabria Earthquake and the 1908 Messina Earthquake. More information in the video and available on the official websites, links are below, accept no imitation!

Solar Eclipse/Earthquake Symmetry Playlist

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