Lisbon, Portugal 2024-2030 Earthquake Solar Eclipse Symmetry

Lisbon, Portugal 2024-2030 Earthquake/Solar Eclipse Symmetry

There are 4 Solar Eclipse termination nodes that will move across Lisbon Portugal in the next five years. Solar Eclipse clusters are a major indicator for a major earthquake event and seismic adjustment. Using Saros cycle symmetry from previous earthquake events in the region reveals that another major event will result around Portugal that could have a major tsunami associated. More information will be available to website subscribers and members as content will be limited on this platform to protect it from deceitful youtube theft practices. This is the second video made public on this platform, more videos will be uploaded revealing more valuable information about the solar eclipse and earthquake correlation. There maybe a large earthquake around Portugal in 2024 and potentially a much larger destructive event between 2026-2030 that could be comparable to the major Magnitude 9.0 Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755

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