Geomagnetic Storm Watch May 25-26

There have been two weak M-class flares and several C-class flares during 22-23 May, all from active region 2824. AR 2824 is currently located near the solar central meridian. These events have so far generated four CMEs. These CMEs will impact Earth on the 25th of May at around 11 UT +/- 12 hours. The solar wind speed is expected to enhance to high levels through 25-26 May.
Geomagnetic activity is expected to be between minor to moderate storms (G1-G2). There is also a small chance of strong and severe storms (G3-G4). Auroras may be visible on the local night of 25th May from Tasmania, the coastline of Victoria and Southwest Coast of Western Australia. There is a chance aurora may also be visible on the local night of 26 May.

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